Oh The Embarrassment: On Peeing and Marking
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Thread: Oh The Embarrassment: On Peeing and Marking

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    DefaultOh The Embarrassment: On Peeing and Marking

    So-what's worse?

    Seeing your dog take a whiz on your neighbor's visitors stuff (which, in Murphy's defense was placed on HIS property.)

    Or, having to tell said neigbor's non-dog loving visitor that it happened.


    Murphy, Riley, and Piper

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    DefaultRe: Oh The Embarrassment: On Peeing and Marking

    We took Beau to my parents house which we go at least once a month and this time he trots in the house walks straight to the couch and marks.....he has never nver ever done this ever before and he is three I was mortified so I know how you feel thank God my parents are dog lovers and have their own dog ......but I feel your pain.

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    DefaultRe: Oh The Embarrassment: On Peeing and Marking

    Somewhat related is an incident I was involved in this past weekend. We have had a house in the mountains for five years and go up there just about every other weekend. There are many full time residents on our street, but we just know the neighbors to the north. It takes just under two hours to get there so you are ready to be out of the car when you get there.

    When we arrived on Saturday I tried to get Dutch to pee on our property, but he was so excited to be there he wouldn't go. I started to take him for a walk and he headed to a spot right on the side of the road on our neighbor's treed, but vacant, lot where he had peed before. He peed on a wild plant, and we headed back towards our house. Suddenly, out of nowhere, this*neighbor (who I don't know) started yellling at me, saying "You let your dog poop on their property didn't you?". I said, incredulously, "No, he just peed". She continued to yell at me saying I was an irresponsible dog owner, and how would I like it if someone's dog peed or pooped on my property. I told her that if it peed, it would be okay, and if it pooped, I would expect the owner to clean up after it. She continued her rant and Dutch and I went in our house.

    This really upset me because I see nothing wrong with what the dog did, and if he had pooped I would have cleaned it up; additionally, I don't like to have unpleasantness, especially up there because our mountain house is a retreat from the stress of everyday life.

    I went over to my neighbors' that evening and told her what happened and assured her that if she heard about it from the lunatic, my dog did not poop on her property. She told me that the lunatic (who is her friend...I don't know how close) doesn't let her dogs go to the bathroom on anyone's property, though I'm not sure how it can be avoided if you walk your dogs. She said not to worry about it (not convincingly, however), and I felt a bit better, but still felt wrongly accused.

    The next day when I walked the dog past the lunatic's house, she yelled loudly out her kitchen window, "There's that stupid woman"...that really set me off again. Because my dog just been accosted by another neighbor's BIG dog and I was checking him to see if he had been bit, I didn't think quickly. I said "Why don't you just come on out here?". She said "No, just go away". Frustrated, I said "If there's anyone stupid here it's you" (how childish of me).

    Nothing was said about the other neighbor's dog being off leash, running off his property and possibly injuring a dog walking on the road, but if your dog pees on a bush you're in big trouble with this psycho. Anyway, I hate to think that I'm going to have to go through a similar encounter every time I go up there, and, as irrational as she is, I'm afraid that she will spread her story through the neighborhood and everyone up there will think my dog and I are irresponsible. It is just SO UNFAIR.

    Sorry for the ramble, but I am STILL upset.



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