Taffy's got company!
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Thread: Taffy's got company!

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    DefaultTaffy's got company!

    And she hardly cares at all!!! Her "cousin" Mystic is here til Friday night. They've been together before. They're pretty much ignoring each other. Mystic found an old bone of Taffy's and has not dropped it yet! Taffy plopped herself on the bed in the bedroom, Mystic is laying on the floor near me in the computer room.

    I did have to ask hubby to please not encourage her onto the bed. She is not allowed at her house, and really - I don't need two of them on it! Hubby told me that would not be concern. Since when Mystic walked into the bedroom, Taffy got all up in her face. Now, everytime Mystic goes in there, Taffy creeps along the bed, all antsy like, and starts panting. She seems a bit distraught. Like --- she can invade my house, she can have my toy, she can drink out of my water bowl, but THIS! THIS will be just too much!

    And my goodness! How possessive of us Taffy is! Never a growl nor a hackle raised. But when we were in the living room, petting on them both, if Mystic started walking around, Taffy very quietly and nonchalantly walked herself over to me or hubby and placed herself in front of us. Just standing there or sitting there, wagging her tail and smiling, making herself a canine barrier. It got pretty funny. Mystic moved. Taffy anticipated where she was heading.

    Well, with the way they are both being slugs right now, I'm hoping they co-habit nicely tomorrow when we are all at work!

    Oh yes! And her tail spins! Spins! When she gets happy, it doesn't just wag back and forth. It actually spins! I have never seen this!

    Pictures tomorrow! (New camera - hubby's gotta figure it out!)

    Oops! Forgot to say - Mystic is an American Staffishire Terrier. About 2 years old.

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    DefaultRe: Taffy's got company!

    Taffy is funny! Will be waiting for pics tomorrow.

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    DefaultRe: Taffy's got company!

    Pictures please. I'd love to see Taffy with her company.

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    DefaultRe: Taffy's got company!

    Aw they sound so cute together. Love to see the pics.

    Ernies tail goes round and round like its on a peice of elastic.lol

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    DefaultRe: Taffy's got company!

    Looks like you will always be a one dog family. Taffy is a good hostess- but no sharing of Mom and Dad.


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