Any advise on fostering?
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Thread: Any advise on fostering?

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    DefaultAny advise on fostering?

    I pick up a labby foster this weekend. Any advise you guys could give would be great. I think Zoey will become friends right away, Brodie will take a minute to warm up to the idea.

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    DefaultRe: Any advise on fostering?

    When I foster I try to find out their back story if it is at all possible to know. This can shed light onto behavioral problems if there are any. The only other thing I try to do is (please note the word TRY ) not let them learn the 'bad habits' my dogs have. For example: I personally don't mind the dogs on the furniture (being on the furniture is what I mean by a 'bad habit') but a new family might not like that so I don't want the foster to learn these 'bad habits' and start off on the wrong foot at their new home. Also know that they may not know how to play with other dogs or with toys so they will have to learn but otherwise spoil them as best you can, it's usually their first time. Have fun!! ;D

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    DefaultRe: Any advise on fostering?

    be sure your guys keep their routine as much as possible and given lots of individual time.
    I have only fostered once so that is the extent of my advice.


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