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    HELP!!!* I am pinned to the couch.* Gowan, who is the epitome of the name mama's boy.* I am totally covered by a 70lb lab who periodically reaches up and gives me a kiss as we watch the movie.* If I could get to the camera to get a picture I would but it looks like you guys are out of luck.* *:P* Probably a good thing then you would have proof on how spoiled my dogs are.* ;D

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    Kathryn Guest

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    your dogs cant be more spoiled than Maggie and Dakota.
    They both get on the loveseats to sit with me. Before we got rid of the oversized chair Maggie would get up IN the chair to sit with me.
    When Dakota is ready to take a nap or is ready for bed she takes a running leap into my lap and lays down.

    But would you have it any other way than spoiled? I wouldn't!

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    I deal with the lab blanket all the time! She just loves to lay on me while on the couch she is about 90 pounds though. She gives kisses too!

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    DefaultRe: Mama's Boy

    I know what that feels like too. Every morning when I sit on a recliner with coffee watching morning news, I have an 88# Mitzi blanket on me sleeping.

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    clancey canuck Guest

    DefaultRe: Mama's Boy

    LOL - dog people. Gotta love 'em


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