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Thread: Green-eyed glow in photos

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    DefaultGreen-eyed glow in photos

    I'm trying to figure out a good way to get rid of the demon eyed green glow in photos. Does anyone have a quick fix? I did a google and came up with some stuff, but it was kind of time consuming. The results so far are below.

    OK zoomed out....

    ...but too pupily up close? I can't decide...

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    DefaultRe: Green-eyed glow in photos

    What did you use to make this change? I usually grab the area with the wand or lasso tool. I think try using the levels to darken the pupil. You can also use the fill bucket tool to change the color of the eye. I would use it at only about 25% opacity if you do it that way. If you have a good picture with the proper pupil color, you can use the clone tool to change the green pupils.

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    DefaultRe: Green-eyed glow in photos

    Thanks! I didn't think about cloning a different picture to get the right pupil color. I'm a Photo Shop newbie, so I appreciate the tip!

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    DefaultRe: Green-eyed glow in photos

    I mostly shoot outside to avoid it altogether. :P The cloning idea is a good one!

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