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Thread: flooring question again

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    I have only hardwood floors in my home. NO carpet what so ever and we did that on purpose due to the fact that I have four boys, a hubby who never removes his shoes, an older dog and our 11 month old choco lab AXL. In the sunlite, you can see the little scratches from claws but its really not noticable unless its in certain lite. It's nice knowing my house is clean. So much stuff stays in a carpet that cannot get vacummed out and thats part of what makes some homes smell "doggy". With hardwood, you sweep and mop (more often) and you know you got everything. Is also great in case of any "accidents" simple to clean up. Plus as a Realtor, tell your hubby hardwood floors are still a great selling tool.

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    My point of view is that life happens, and sometimes you have to sand out the gouges and rough spots. Your dinning room chairs can scuff the floor. Dirt tracked in from outside can scuff the floor. You high heeled shoes can scuff the floor. A dropped knife or scissors can scuff the floor. My point is, this stuff happens and the floors will age. But, in the meanwhile, life will happen and your floors will reflect the good life that has lived upon them.
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    We have hardwoods on the main floor (carpet upstairs) and a 7-month old Chocolate Monster, as well as 4 cats. I wish we had hardwood throughout. The only scuffs/scratches on the wood are from furniture, no damage from paws-and-claws. The carpeting on the other hand, requires steam-cleaning every 2 months in addition to the regular vacuuming and occasional spot cleaning from cat-yak or the accidents that we used to have early on before Toby was housebroken (and recently had when Toby went through his severe colitis GI distress, which were completely not his fault but extremely unpleasant for everyone nonetheless). The carpet just holds on to everything - regular dirt, dust, fur, etc. whereas the hardwood is so easy to clean. We do try to mop up the trails and puddles of water that Bucketmouth dribbles all over the wood floor from his water bowl, but a good heavy-duty sealer on the floors will solve that problem as well.
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