I gave my dogs marrow ones last night and normally I they never have a problem but not this time. I think Anna is pregnant (WHoo hooo) because she has the worst upset tummy ever and if anyone has a stomach of steel it is Anna since she is usually the garbage thief when I forget to shut the laundry room door. She is right at the point in her pregnancy that she would get an upset tummy and she has. So I am happy that the timing is right but upset that my little girl doesn't feel good. I called my vet to make sure it was OK to give her bene-bac (with the tummy upset she has yogurt wasn't enough) and pepto-bismal. I will give her pedialite a little later. She is on no water and no food till tomorrow morning. Fortunately the vomitting has stopped but we are still making trips out to go potty quite often. As long she doesn't get worse I am going to treat at home because I am at my sister's and I hate going to a strange vet. There is an emergency 24 hour clinic just down the street but if I take her there they will want to test her for junk that is not the problem since I am not a regular client. If I end up taking her I will have them call my vet so they will know the background of my dog. I love my vets since they take care of emergency's 24/7. There are 4 vets there and they each have different specialties. Even if I move up near my sister (which is what she is hoping I will do) I will make the long trek to my vets for regular care. It will be worth every penny I spend on gas to have my dogs taken care of by vets that know them.