Sago Palm Tress Not good for dogs.
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Thread: Sago Palm Tress Not good for dogs.

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    Tater Guest

    DefaultSago Palm Tress Not good for dogs.

    I am sure most of you know this, but for my first dog on my own and not knowing to much about what can hurt them. The news channel here in Jax put a thing out for dog owners because a lot of people in florida have these palm trees, that they can kill your dog. That the seeds that are around the truck on the tree and on the ground can kill your dog and childern within a couple of minutes. These trees are very dangerous to humans has well. The good thing is if your dog doesnt like pain they shouldnt go anywhere near them because the branches on them are very pointy. I just wanted to let everyone know about this just in case you didnt know. If your dog does eat this you can give them proxicde and it will make them throw up. But you have to do this very quick like before it is in their stomach. I have had to do this for Tater he ate some type of plant buld that I searched and foudn out it could kill him. If you have to make them vomit give them about two hours when it is feeding time and give them rice. It will make them feel better and it isnt as heavy as dog food.

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    DefaultRe: Sago Palm Tress Not good for dogs.

    Never even heard of them, but I don't think we have them in New Jersey* :P

    *Eedite* because that sentence didn't make any sense at all LOL

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    DefaultRe: Sago Palm Tress Not good for dogs.

    thanks for your post. I recall hearing about sago palms (we do have them here) a long time ago, and forgot about them. Thanks for the reminder.
    Linda and Zoë, the Umlaut
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    DefaultRe: Sago Palm Tress Not good for dogs.

    I wonder about other varieties of palm trees??? Or is it just Sago palms?

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    DefaultRe: Sago Palm Tress Not good for dogs.

    Sago and cardboard palms are both poisonous, but I need to stress that (as the OP said) it is the seeds that are poisonous. This is a bit like apricot pits, which are poisonous, although the fruit itself is nutritious. Sago leaves, bark, etc. are not poisonous, though neither will they be particularly appealing - as stated before, they are sharp. There are sagos all over here in Houston, in fact, we have one in our garden. Fortunately, they are slow-growing and do not flower all that often (I believe that individual plants only flower every few years), and so they do not set seeds often either. But when they do flower and set seeds, you need to be very careful about anyone potentially ingesting the seeds. In fact, it's probably wise to cut off the flower stalk before it has a chance to become polinated and set seed. I don't know how long a seed might last on the ground if it falls from a plant, so if you don't know when a plant might have flowered and produced seeds, it's best to not allow pets or small children around its base.

    But it's a great point that a parts of otherwise harmless plants can be harmful, and that we all need to be aware and careful of dangers.
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