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    DefaultTalk about customer service! (3dirtydawgz)

    I ordered 4 collars recently from Lori @ 3dirtydawgz. Molly had hers on for less then 24 hours and I noticed the ribbon on her collar was starting to pull apart (like a scratch mark). I e-mailed Lori to ask if I could put anything on it to prevent it from getting worse (since it's not that bad), send her pictures and we both agreed that it was through no fault of hers. The girls probably scraped it while playing bitey face or while Molly itched.

    Lori is sending me a new collar, no charge to me and I get to keep the current one. I've insisted in several e-mails that this isn't nesseccary, but she insists and wants me to be 100% satisfied with my order.

    It's not often that you find people willing to do things for you when they are not at fault. Lori is a wonderful person
    ~Abby, Molly, and Penny (the honorary lab)

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    DefaultRe: Talk about customer service! (3dirtydawgz)

    Lori is wonderful.

    I realized on Monday that I had forgotten to order Beau's "4th of July" collar....I ordered 3 collars and even with the last minute-ness, she e-mailed me Monday nite saying my collars were done and she was shipping them right away!!! ;D ;D

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    DefaultRe: Talk about customer service! (3dirtydawgz)

    Both Lori and Sally are just really awesome when it comes to this kind of thing. Must be why they own labradors

    I CAN'T WAIT TIL WE GET OUR WINE GLASS COLLARS!!! Y'all are going to be sooooo jealous!

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    DefaultRe: Talk about customer service! (3dirtydawgz)

    I ordered the holiday collar package from her and she was very helpful about everything! Including making his 4th of July collar separately and shipping it separately so he would have it for the 4th. And I think the collar looks great.

    Photobucket is doing weird things this morning and won't let me into my album so I have no siggy pic. >



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