Hi everyone. I'm hoping to get some opionions on my pup - I was worried that he was getting too big too fast so I cut his food down, but now he seems STARVING. I know that labs are always starving - Cody always is - but now he's drooling while waiting for food. Anyway, I'm wondering if people think I'm not feeding enough? Too much? Just right?

When Cody was 9 weeks he weighed 10.5lbs
At 12 weeks he was 20.5lbs
at 15.5 weeks he was 30.5
at 19.5 weeks he was 43!

up until 19.5 weeks I was feeding him as suggested on our food bag (4.5 cups a day). At that point, once he got so big, I started freak out that he was growing too quickly and cut him down to 3 cups a day (342 cals/cup). He is pretty active - he goes to day care 5 days/week now.

I haven't weighed him since then (june 9th) but I'd guess that he's 4-5 or so lbs heavier.

I'm going to post some picks (he doesn't stay put that well but I tried to snap from the top and side) - is he too fat? is he just growing fast? I'm really worried about his hips (I'm super neurotic I know!!) - he has funny walk (I've posted on that before, so I'm worried about fast growth)...