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    With all this rain, humidity and the right temps, in the 70's, keep a close eye on your labs ears. There is a super aggressive infection hitting them. I thought it was tar that Sam got into but it's the infections puss. I've been putting otomax in his ear just for safe keeping and glad I have. I was up most of the night cleaning his ear because just as much as you clean it, it comes back and spreads faster than wildfire. Sam showed no signs of pain, no ear flapping, nothing. Called the vet at 8 and said I'm on my way in and told his receptionist why. Oh no, you need an appointment first. Honey, I just made one, tell Dave I'll be there in a half hour.
    They have not seen such a bad ear infection ever. Shaved his ear, inside and out, a shot of steroids, a shot of antibiotic, more pills, keep using otomax, glad I got the big bottle on-line. See him in 3 weeks. This all started a few days ago and didn't think of it as an infection because Ben had the same crap on his left rear flank.
    So just a warning, keep an eye on their ears, this weather is the culprit.

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    Thank you for that warning ... I believe that is what is going on with my Bailey ...she has been shaking her head and tilting it ...I clean her ears twice a week, so Monday night I approach her to do the cleaning and OMG ... the poor thing, I thought something bit her or even worse when she shakes her head I though ohhhh maybe she shook her head so much that her tags hit her in the ear so off to the vet I go and end up with something called Mometamax I have to put this in her ear for 7 days at 1 x daily ...anything else i can do....Bailey has always had an ear problem but I have to say this is one of the worst i've ever seen ..

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    Just keep an eye on it. The black goop on Sam appeared in a matter of a few hours. That's why I thought it was tar or something he got into in the garage. This infection spreads so fast that you wouldn't believe it was an infection. Within a day he had 3 earings of it outside his ear.


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