Mom's dog is sick-xposted from O&E (NLR)
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Thread: Mom's dog is sick-xposted from O&E (NLR)

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    DefaultMom's dog is sick-xposted from O&E (NLR)

    My mom has a little shelter dog, some kind of terrier/maybe Bichon mix (Cooper). Saturday, they were out for a walk and Cooper got something in his mouth, she things maybe a frog but it was kind of unrecognizeable. Then he threw up his breakfast. She carried him home and let him rest for a while, and he started acting very, very strance. He threw up a couple more times, has been doing this coughing/gaggin/hiccupping thing, and weirdest of all, went and ate a piece off of her curtains.

    That was Saturday, and she took him to the vet right away. The vet took xrays, and noticed a pocket of air above a completely undigested lump of kibble. He did not go as far as to say it was bloat, but rather that it “resembled” bloat. He suggested no food or water for the rest of the day, then start Sunday with a little water with the kibble, and a large rock in the dish to prevent him from eating so fast.

    Since then, Cooper has shown very little if any change. He’s obsessed with eating grass and listless, two things that he normally isn’t. He doesn’t even want to watch the squirrels in the yard.

    She took him back to the vet today, and he’s mystified. He even asked other vets in the practice to take a look at the xrays to see if he’s missing anything, and they don’t see anything either. One theory he has is that he’s got a piece of grass stuck in the lining of his esophagus or stomach, and that’s what’s making him cough/gag, as well as what’s driving the urge to eat more grass. He has nothing to back that up, though, and doesn’t feel anything when he sticks his finger down Cooper’s throat.

    My mom is very worried, and sounds like she’s about to cry every time I talk to her.

    Does anybody have any ideas at all what this might be? How about any suggestions for miracle worker vets in the Charleston, SC area?

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    DefaultRe: Mom's dog is sick-xposted from O&E (NLR)

    Well, I'm no expert, but if there IS something stuck in his throat you might suggest to your mom to feed him bits of soft, moist, doughy bread (like white bread) dipped in a bit of milk. That might help push anything through and wouldn't hurt. Hope he's better soon!


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