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    jakeysmom Guest


    Is there anything that can be done about elbow calluses? Jake just started to devolp one. I can not put bedding in his crate while he is alone because he has already chewed through 3 beds and I am afraid he will swallow pieces of the bedding. He also perfers the hard surfaces (such as our kitchen and bathroom floor) rather than the carpet.

    I should also mention that he was at a kennel last week while we were in FL. The run was concrete but he had a bed to sleep on. I am sure he developed the calluses from being on concrete for a week rather than grass. Do you think it will go away now that he is back at our house?

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    DefaultRe: Calluses

    Jake is never in a crate and all our main rooms have carpeting, yet he is developing them too.

    Brookville, Pa.

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    Katy Guest

    DefaultRe: Calluses

    I wouldn't worry about them. They might be a little unsightly, but they're there for a reason. My boys have them too, and we have carpeting. They just like the lay outside on the patio and that's just enough to cause them.

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    DefaultRe: Calluses

    All my dogs have 'em.
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    DefaultRe: Calluses

    All of my dogs have them too. I've been told by the vet that there really isn't anything you can do for them. However, we have a "Homeopathic" Vet in the area and the people who use her say she was able to get rid of them. I don't know what is involved but we didn't go that way because she didn't believe in giving shots for rabies, etc. so we would have to board our dogs with her if we went away. We took a long time to find a place for our babies to go when we were away and I couldn't make them get used to a new place.

    Anyway, you might want to look into that. You may not have to go completely Homeopathic to get rid of them.


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