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It is that time of year again for those of us in the US and I just wanted to remind everyone of the dangers of fireworks to our babies. Many of us and our pets have endured holidays with fireworks before, but reviewing these tips may be in order. This will be Duke's first 4th of July and I want to make sure that he feels safe. 3 years ago this July 4th, I had a doggie visitor to my yard who was scared beyond all reason by firecrackers in his neighborhood. He CHEWED his way through the chain link in his outdoor kennel and ended up at my place. I kept him in my outdoor 'playpen' overnight and then found his owners in the morning. He ranged almost a mile from home before landing at my place. As for human safety-- A cousin was (illegally) using commercial grade fireworks and leaned over the top of the tube when it prematurely went off, scalding one side of his face. He suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and has never been the same person as he was before.

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Have a Safe Holiday!