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    HI there
    Anyone ever use Aveeno Wash/Shampoo on the lab??? Tiller is a tad bit stinky and needs her summer bath but has been itching like crazy lately with what seems like dry skin. I was wondering if the Aveeno would be okay to use and would soothe her skin as well.

    Thanks for all advise
    Jacqui and Tiller

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    I personally never bathe my Lucy. If she is stinky I hose her down and then use a wet towel soaked in a Listerene/water solution to deodorize her. We had to do this today because she rolled in greasy grimy beaver poo...
    she reeked.
    I would think if Tiller has dry skin already you wouldn't want to use harsh shampoos...

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    they make soothing oatmeal shampoo for dogs, as well as rinses that [sometimes] help with dry skin. i would NOT use people products on a dog, especially one with a potential skin problem, the Ph is not the same.
    make sure he is on a food with high protein & plenty of fat, 20% or better protein, 18% or better fat]...it helps them cope even if they have allergies.


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