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    Hi there lab friends, this is Skye here. My mommy says we are going on a "road trip" to this place called the beach. Tugg, my brother, went once when he was little and says there is lots of water there and it moves, birds all over, big and little people and lots and lots of good smells. I can hardly wait. I'm not sure about the moving water thing though, I'm having a hard time with the wading pool still. I did put my front paws in it yesterday and nothing bad happened so maybe it will be okay. Tugg says I can chase something called seagulls? I am soooo excited. Mom is packing the long lines, tennis balls, treats, and lots of towels and blankets. This is so exciting.

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    DefaultRe: Road Trip

    Hi Mooselady! Dash here and thats too funny cause my mommy is taking me and my brother on a road trip today as well. Were going to the sasrasota beach and mommy even got us a hotel to stay in, whatever that is! Im so excited! Well chat later and see how our trips went, OK?

    Dash ;D

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    DefaultRe: Road Trip

    Hi Skye,
    This is Sky here. My mom took me to the beach for the first time in April and I had a blast. I can't wait to do it again. Next weekend we are going on a road trip and mom says Moose and I have to be extra good 'cause we are staying in a cabin. She also says there is a lake there - I've never been in a lake once but I didn't get play much because my mom had so much trouble with the mud around it. Moose and I thought it was the best. Have fun and write back about your trip.
    Sharon, loved by Moose & Sky

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    DefaultRe: Road Trip

    Hi Skye. I went to the beach several times & I always have fun.*
    Just don't drink the salt water.*

    Your friend Molly.


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