Well, I've really done it now, I allowed him this pleasure once and that was that...routine set...my yellow boy has learned that I have a very soft spot for him. His new gig for the past few weeks is not to allow me into the garage before him!! He pushes his way past me as soon as I open the door to the garage and just sits by the car waiting, doesn't even respond to cookies...can't even coax him back inside with the cookie in my hand...not salami, not cheese...nuttin!

So every evening he goes for a little ride through the neighborhood, just a couple of minutes. As soon as we return he's happy as can be...jumps out of the car and back into the house.

Just to let ya'll know how smart this pooch is, he doesn't dare do this when I'm dressed for work...only when he sees me in "play" clothes!! Ohhhhhhhh, he is my sweet yellow boy.