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    You guys know Zoey has had ear problems from the time I got her. I had seen the post for the purple stuff. I just tried it yesterday. In just a day there is more of a "Clearing up" then with all the stuff I got from the vet. Why did I wait this long to try it? Her ear is not as red still feels warmer than the other one. I started the antibiotics again. Her upset tummy this weekend was from eating an article of clothing. It made it's return Monday. Victoria Secrets should pay this dog a comission fee. From day one she has been a laundry thief. Where and how she got it I will never know. I have the only hamper in the US that is under lock and key. Not really but the hamper has to be in the closet with an empty basket over it, with the door closed. The garbage can has to hide too.

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    I'm glad the upset tummy is cleared up. I hope the purple stuff clears her ears up quickly and for good. I need to order some of that stuff since I've been to lazy to mix it up myself.


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