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    I've been a viewer of the board most of the time since it's creation, now I'm totally embarrassed but have to ask, how would i post a picture of my Bailey, I have your normal camera, 35mm, no digital or anything, but i do have a scanner at home, i'm at work now, how would i go about this ...any help is appreciated :

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    I posted a little tutorial on getting the pictures up on the web so you can post them in here... it's in the Help Desk section under Frequently Asked Questions.

    Do you know how to use your scanner and do you know where the file ends up once you scan the picture? If so... then my little walk through will probably be enough... If not... can you tell us what kind of computer you have?

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    Thank you, I've created an account in photobucket and i will try the scanning tonite...thanks so much


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