Labradork: De ja vue all over again
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    DefaultLabradork: De ja vue all over again

    Jack was maybe three or four when he came to live with us in 2001. I lost count of the times I was awakened by a wet ball bumping into my nose because Labrdork wanted to play fetch. In the middle of the night. He has mellowed over the years. Back a couple of months ago he all but stopped playing fetch, When he did play it was maybe ten minutes and he had had enough. He stopped jumping onto the bed.

    We started Glucosamine Chondroitin, Ester C and MSM back in March. Last week he started swimming in the pool to cool off between rounds of fetch. This weekend he went for an hour and a half straight of fetch, water retrieve out of the pool a if he were a youngen again. He got a bit insistant when I stopped. He kept trying to give me the ball while I was toweling him off. He followed me about the house and dropped the ball at my feet and threw it at my legs. He did not want to stop.

    I am glad he enjoys the pool and wants to retrieve. My concern is I don't know if he knows when enough is enough. At one point today he could have tripped on his tongue but he continued to bring the ball back, put it in my hand and run back out expecting me to throw it. He is somewhere between 8 and 9 years old. If he has a liniter switch it's busted. How much is too much?

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    DefaultRe: Labradork: De ja vue all over again

    Ah HAH! Such good news, Andy! For the swim time you must be the judge. You know Jack better than anyone.. It sounds like he's really enjoying that weightless exercise. Let him go until YOU see a sign. Be sure to give him plenty of water to drink afterwards.

    Paddy (almost 10 years) will swim powerfully for about 5 minutes... then he wants to roll in the grass. Watch Jack for his own signs to you.

    Seamus and Flynn

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    DefaultRe: Labradork: De ja vue all over again

    Glad Jack seems to be feeling better. Buddy is the same way in the pool. He'll pace himself when he fetches on land, but in the pool, he'll never stop. Ruger's the same way, too.

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