Emilu was viscious!
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Thread: Emilu was viscious!

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    DefaultEmilu was viscious!

    My niece and her friend and their 2 labs (Moose and Calvin) have been camping on our property the past 2 days. They've been here before and the dogs get along really well, except a few sporadic skrimishes with Skippy and Moose. Last night we were all sitting on the back patio, talking and drinking. The dogs were with us and Calvin was playing with a chewed up plastic dummy. Emilu got it and was chewing on it, then Calvin tried to take it away from her. They immedieatly got into a big fight. I yelled at them (I know you're not supposed to yell, but i'ts always my first reaction), then realized they weren't going to stop. Skippy ran over to intervene (he doen't let the other dogs pick on Emilu, espcially if he knows I'm upset with them), but he just stood and looked at them. I ran over and realized Emilu had a grip lock on Clavins ear, and was really snarling and growling at him. Calvin was just trying to get away, but Emilu was hanging on for dear life. When I went over to grab her collar, she just came over to me. Calvin hung out under the table for quite a while, nursing his bleeding ear, and Emilu sulked in the yard. We are blaming it on her "delicate condition". They were fine friends the rest of the evening.

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    DefaultRe: Emilu was viscious!

    Emilu is going to be a protective mom!! Hope Calvin's ear is okay.


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