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    Kathryn Guest


    Dakota graduated tonight!
    We had so much fun.
    We were getting ready for class and I crated Maggie and here comes Dakota running up and down the hall ready to go. She was so excited. I have never seen her this way. It was like she knew it was time for class. She has so much fun!
    She cant join the adult class till shes 6 months, so we have a little over 2 months to go.. Do you think we should join another class till we can get to the adult class?

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    CONGRATS!!!! YAY!!! ;D

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    Way to go Dakota!!

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    YAY Congratulations!!!

    We have started another class after puppy kindergarten, K9 Junior.
    Tasman is the youngest one and the trainer came up to me at the first class and said just take it easy with him. All the dogs are over 6-7 months old and he was only 3.5 months. SO far so good though he is actually quite an average student and loves all the attention he gets from being the only Lab.. :-)


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