Is this weird behavior or is it normal?
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Thread: Is this weird behavior or is it normal?

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    DefaultIs this weird behavior or is it normal?

    My BR and family just adopted a 2 yo spayed female beagle a couple of weeks ago. Other then counter surfing (big time) and peeing in the house occasionally she couldn't be sweeter. She was given up because she was kept outside at night and could jump the 5' fence. I keep telling them to crate her to correct the peeing problem when they are not home but......

    Now my question is Cinnamon likes to lick the inside of Cierra's mouth. Today she must have spent 40 minutes cleaning her teeth both with mouth open and closed and she also licked the insides of her huge beagle ears for several minutes cleaning both of them. They also spend time licking each other at the same time almost like they are kissing.

    I have had multiple dogs in the past but never seen them do this.

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    DefaultRe: Is this weird behavior or is it normal?

    HAH! Hahahahahaha! Sorry, I'm not laughing at you or your post but you should see the pictures I have of my male beagle doing the teefies job on my oldest lab, Paddy.

    If he is reprimmanded to GET OFF THE TEETH, he goes for Seamus' or Flynn's willy. And they are strapping young lads who couldn't care less. Young hedonists.

    The teeth licking thing is about respect and homage. Also, from the carryover from wolf packs, that little guy is picking for food in the established dog's teeth!

    If you find a way to curb it, I hail you. We just continue with "Darwin! Get off the teeth!"

    It does no good.


    Seamus and Flynn


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