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Thread: Advice needed on fostering

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    Due to unforeseen circumstances, a friend of mine has to give up his beloved dog.* This dog was already at a shelter 2 times, and has lived w/my friend for 1&1/2 yrs. The dog is about 2 1/2 yrs old. (german shep mix/greyhound?mix)

    my friend's sister will be adopting him, but, she's currently moving to a new home and needs to grow a lawn and install a fence before she takes him. I am going to be fostering him for a while.

    I have 2 labs (90lbs each). They've met Harley a couple of times, and they are kind of rough with him- he's got the body of a greyhound - very thin in the back. I feel like they are going to break him!

    I need some advice with this - he'll be moving in w/us in 2 weeks.* I'm having his owner bring him over 2nite for a play time visit to monitor them.

    What advice to people have to prepare me for a smooth transition? Harley is going to be very upset to leave his home.* My dogs are going to be very confused with harley staying w/us permanently.

    Need lots of advice. Thank you!

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    DefaultRe: Advice needed on fostering

    I have no advice on fostering but wanted to tell you my brother adopted a 2 year old beagle almost 2 weeks ago from the Humane Societyand Cierra has been staying with us during the day as she is not crate trained. Today is my nephews last day of school so she will be able to stay home after today. I was afraid Cinnamon was going to break Cierra as she is twice her weight. But Cierra has more than held her own. She plays bitey face with the best of them.

    Good Luck. Our worst problem has been Cinnamon is jealous if we pet Cierra but after about an hour of being here each morning that seems to go away also.


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