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    DefaultHELP.. PLEASE.. *update*

    We called the vet and our tech just had us come in and she pulled it. I was afraid of pulling it. I didn't wanna hurt Dakota. It came out fine and the toy is now in the trash. It was a soft toy with ribbon type fabric on it. It she was given by a friend of mine when Dakota first came home.
    We just need to now watch that her teeth are going to be alright.
    she seems to be doing better now shes not crying and shes trying to find a spot to sleep now.
    Thank you all so much.

    I feel like such a bad doggie mom.* If it can go wrong this year its going too.

    I went to let Dakota out and I hear her bringing her toy with her. turn around to let her know its okay to go down the stairs and her poor toy is stuck to here.* So I tried to take it and it was stuck in her teeth.* Between my mom and I we got the toy cut off but this is what we are left with..

    I have tried to take it out but its stuck pretty good.* It seems to be a little painful.* will it come out on its own or should I call the vet?* Today is Wed. so they wont be back in till after 2PM today...
    Thanks for your help!

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    DefaultRe: HELP.. PLEASE..

    if you can't get it out on your own I would take her to the vet and get it removed. I wouldn't want it getting infected and the longer it's there the more irritated it will become.

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    DefaultRe: HELP.. PLEASE..

    In the mean time try some lubricant.* examples cooking oil or melted butter.* Also if you have the plastic floss thingies with the points on the end (human kind) you might gently try one of them.*

    If that doesn't work try ice to the gum/toy it might shrink it enough to come out.

    Keep us posted.

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    DefaultRe: HELP.. PLEASE..

    I'm confused about what I am it stuck between the teeth? Have you tried grasping it with plyers?
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    DefaultRe: HELP.. PLEASE..

    Is it plastic? Zena got some plastic stuck in the back of one of her teeth; I don't let them have plastic anymore. She started shaking and just went blank on me ... vet found it, but it was already wiggling out. It can cut the gum.


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