Today makes a full week of the stress that my two lab twins have put me through recently. To preface: the twins (brother/sister littermates) are 5 1/2 years old. They're not senior but they're not exactly "terrible twos" puppies either.

Last Friday, Koda (the brother) started throwing up right before I had to leave for work. I figured he had gotten sick off something and would be better after a few days of rice. I get a call in the afternoon from my husband about Rylee (the sister) having hurt her leg and wouldn't put weight on it. So began the most stressful week of my life with them. By Friday night, we found that Koda had shredded and ate large sections of his blanket. We managed to hang on till Monday morning and brought the twins to their regular vet. After a few hours, some x-rays, and a couple of tests; our vet determined that Rylee would be okay with some rest but she was worried about Koda. She said that Rylee probably had a partial tear in a ligament and just needed some R&R with some pain management. Koda on the other hand would need abdominal exploratory surgery. Wednesday morning, Koda was dropped off at another local vet for surgery. Later that afternoon I spoke with the surgery vet and was relieved to find out that everything went well and that they managed to remove all of the blanket. He was kept overnight and we brought him home yesterday.

I'm thankful we didn't wait any longer than we did. Otherwise, things could have potentially taken a much worse turn for my furry blanket-eater. We have since tossed any type of regular fabric toys and blankets that they both had. Their rope toy that I had gotten from Walmart met my trashcan. New toys made from ballistic material by Kong were bought.

Moral of the story: dogs are perpetual toddlers that must be watched constantly because they always get into trouble.