Loose stools for several months
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Thread: Loose stools for several months

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    DefaultLoose stools for several months

    Scout is my girl who turned 1 July 7th. We have been battling loose stools for several months. The vet suggested a change in diet, so we changed from Farmina to Evangers. No change in stool. She was placed on an antibiotic... starts with M and it helped for a little while then loose stools again. She was placed on the same antibiotic twice more to no avail. She was given a dewormer and had multiple fecal tests, one sent to California for more intense evaluation. No parasites. She has been on Tylan for over 2 months and just finished a two week round of prednisone. Still has loose stools. I give her microflora plus that includes enzymes and give her the antibiotic several hours later so that there is no interference with the microflora. She is on a low fat dog food called Annamaet. Still has loose stools!
    Scout is a parvo survivor and I now wonder if there is damage to the intestinal tract from this virus. Anyone out there have this experience? I’m about to pull my hair out and do not want her to have exploratory surgery.
    She appears healthy and is growing and gaining weight but I worry for her.

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    just wondering if you ever considered feeding raw? the raw i get is from haretoday-they have a website but you really need to educate yourself. all i can say, is i got a french bulldog, still have a lab and the frenchie came from a breeder who raw fed. vangie puked, for 7n years, every 6-7 weeks. a tsunami is the way to describe it. had all tests. nada. only used premium kibble, (if there is such a thing) after having an "incident" with the diamond dog food company years ago when they had a huge issue (i won but my 3 labs were sicker than sick, not salmonella but very ill) . one day, i decided to try vangie on the same raw eli was eating. knock on wood, it's been about 8 months, and no puke. i do believe the ground bone, would help tighten up your dog. im not a vet, dont pretend to be, and when you mention raw to 99% of the vets who take one course in nutrition, they usually freak out and tell you they will get salmonella. as if they themselves dont eat chicken, and cut it up on a board, that is then probably put in the dishwasher.
    anyway, it's not just slapping down some chopped beef, oor chicken. it's expensive and i wouldnt do it any other way, now. but if you want to, educate yourself first. let us know if it's something you would like to try and there is another board, (name fell out of my head now) that is mainly for raw feeders. remember, your vet will freak out. promise.

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    I'm going to concur with bettyanne. I began feeding raw diet a couple of dogs ago and it has changed everything. For the better! You can find very high quality brands of frozen raw diet at pet food stores that focus on quality foods. I generally purchase OC brand locally as it is not pasturized. Do some research online about raw feeding and give it a try. It is the appropriate diet for canines. All the antibiotics may now be creating digestive difficulties for your dog too. It's going to be a healing process but there are ways to help. I have had rescue dogs for years and the very first thing I do is begin to alter their diet. Every single one, no matter the problems, has adjusted quickly and easily and improvement has been seen from day 1. I used to make raw foods for them but when I began seeing really good quality frozen raw foods I went that route. It's simple and the effects are stunning. One side effect is that their teeth stay clean and healthy. My vet always asks if he has cleaned their teeth to which I always reply no, they eat raw foods. He doesn't have much more to say about that other than their teeth look fantastic. So, do some research yourself, follow your instincts and see the benefits from feeding raw to your dog.

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    Does Scout spend time in salt water? How frequently do you clean her water supply? I have been using a canine superfood supplement called "Dinovite". My 2 labs are doing really well on it. It contains Omega 3 & 6, fiber, other digestive support components and many of the nutrients that are commonly cooked out of processed foods.

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