Difficulties Adopting a Rescue 2nd Time Around - My Story
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Thread: Difficulties Adopting a Rescue 2nd Time Around - My Story

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    DefaultDifficulties Adopting a Rescue 2nd Time Around - My Story

    Hello to all,

    It's been some time since I last posted. We adopted our chocolate lab, Ellie at 2 t0 3 years old in 2006 from a lab rescue, and this forum helped a lot in working out how to help her adjust to living in a new home. We had her for almost 12 years, she died in April. She was a wonderful dog that I won't ever forget. When we adopted the first time in 2006, it took quite awhile to get answers responses that took us seriously. I wound up adopting again a few days ago after about a month of looking for a lab, but it wasn't a pleasant process. I can see where people like myself may give up on adopting a rescued dog.

    I took the advice of family and started looking for a new lab to adopt, not necessarily to replace Ellie, but because our home is not complete without a dog. It was unbelievably hard to adopt an adult lab this time around- Not because we don't have a great home for one, because we do, and when the rescues finally got around to contacting our vet- he very highly recommended us because he knows how well we cared for Ellie.

    Either the dogs I inquired on were already adopted, or the adopting coordinator decided the dog would be better off in a home with younger kids than ours, or whatever other determination the rescue coordinators make when they get multiple applications on a dog. Meanwhile we're former lab owners already vetted as suitable adopters by a lab rescue in the past (sitting in our large house in which someone is always home with a large fenced yard and pool just waiting for a happy labbie dog to use it).

    In the end, I wound up giving up on just going through our state-based lab rescues and contacted several rescues through pet finder. We gave up on getting an adult dog- that best fit- and decided we'd do the work ourselves in helping a puppy become a great lab. We wound up zeroing in on 2 lab pups just about the same time our state-based lab rescues started getting back to us on some adult labs available. The out of state lab rescue out of Alabama, responded immediately, they called my vet, and wrapped things up within a day. Wow, I'd gotten used to not hearing back from our in-state rescues for 3 or 4 days, and sometimes no response at all.

    Sorry to vent, it is just seems that some of the lab rescues are likely overlooking some great homes by not contacting and matching already existing applicants with new dogs coming in a more prompt manner. I began to get offers on adult labs best suited to what we were applying for only after weeks of applying- and right after we decided to go the puppy route. I know the rescues are very busy with the dogs, and need to be protective of where the dogs are placed, they work hard and I appreciate that. I am just making a suggestion because I know what I went through both times in trying to adopt.

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    Oh this is so sad to hear! There are so many great rescues out there with amazing dogs that need homes and unfortunately this isn't the first time I have heard a story like yours where you get very delayed response time.

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    Hello what state are you in? If you are in California I have names of several great rescues.

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