Nose pigmentation for Yellow Lab
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Thread: Nose pigmentation for Yellow Lab

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    DefaultNose pigmentation for Yellow Lab

    Hi everyone! I have an AKC black lab who's almost two & just got my first AKC registered yellow lab baby yesterday. Her nose was dirty from playing when I got her, but her mouth and around-the-eye pigmentation was dark and the nose looked mostly black, so I figured it was solid. After her bath I see that it has some pink. She is 10 weeks old. I can't find info on when puppy noses stop darkening up. I know they're born pink and get dark, but would you expect this to get darker or is it likely it will continue to lighten? I know the light pigmentation/lover nose is a fault for showing, but is that only if the eyes are pink around too, meaning they totally lack pigmentation? My husband feels like her snout is too long too, and is nervous that we won't have a show-quality lab, as we'd hoped and been assured we were buying. Our other female has more of the blocky English look and is black, so I'm hoping we're just a little out of our element with a yellow pup who has a more American look. Hoping for another opinion...or many! Thanks!
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    Did you discuss this with the breeder? Is the puppy from bench lines?

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