I was wondering if anyone can help. My 6 month old chocolate ,Silas ,badly lacerated him front paw pad 10 days ago. We went right in to emergency and they stitched up his pad and applied a large bandage to be removed in 10 days. We were ordered 2 weeks with no activity.
When we came in for the bandage change they said the wound was healing nicely however he needed another bandage for one more week.
At this point he is so crazy from no exercise bouncing off the walls. 4 days later the bandage is looking dirty and he is non stop licking his foot despite having that awful e collar on the whole time. Now they say the would is not healing well, they remove the stiches and leave a gaping open crater type wound with instructions for another 2 weeks with no exercise, and daily washing out the wound. uggg.
He has figured out a way to stand and reach the paw, even with a longer e collar. We have tried both the e collar and an inflatable donut.
Do people think its strange to leave a open wound with no bandaging like that? He is done with antibiotics and anti inflammatories. Has a little yeast type infection between his toes. Does anyone have any suggestions for something to let the foot breath as well as protect the wound?