Older Lab Not Accepting New Puppy
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Thread: Older Lab Not Accepting New Puppy

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    My husband and I moved into our own house last year and got a puppy (Nash) a few months ago. He is now a 6 month old yellow lab. He is very active, we exercise him every day. We live very close to my mothers house and go there almost every day. She has an 8 year old black lab and a 4 year old black lab/chow mix. They are not accepting of Nash at all. Nash is very playful and energetic and they have been barking at him and even growling and showing teeth, which is scary to us. The issue is that we are very close with our family and spend a lot of time together. It would be great if all the dogs got along so that Nash doesn't have to stay home alone. I am seeking out any tips on how to get them to accept Nash or reasons why they might be so reluctant? Any information would be helpful :/

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    I would have them spend time together but seperated by a leash or gates. so they can get used to one another. Ensure there is no food or toys around to guard. Do some group walks, on leash, seperate handlers.

    Actually before the above, I'd recommend some OFF PROPERTY leashed walks. get them used to one another BEFORE bringing the new dog (puppy) onto their property.

    Puppies can be annoying especially if the dogs are not used to dealing with new dogs.

    Also - growing isn't always bad. Puppies can be a pain in the butt, and growling is just a methoc of communication between dogs. it doesn't equal aggression per say. Just telling the puppy to back off and leave them alone. Totally normal dog communication.

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