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    A work colleague of mine had a male black lab arrive at his in-laws' house the other day. They live in a rural area so it's not totally out of the blue that a dog shows up on their doorstep (hunter's lost dog, abandoned, etc.). This dog has a collar but is not microchipped and the collar has no identifying information. It seems quite domesticated (shy even for a lab) and all it likes to do is retrieve! My work colleague's in-laws can't take another dog full time (they have 3 of them) so I'm just trying to find out if there's some place to look for people who have lost their dogs and barring not being able to find the owner, how to find a family that might want a dog.

    I'd love to take him but we already have 2 labs.

    Thanks for any advice!

    Location is Early Branch, SC.
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