Wow it's been... forever since I was on here. So much has happened. Emma will be 8 in August, Happy will be 16 next month! We lost Lucky to cancer back in 2013, and Sam to his chronic health problems last summer. I hope some of you still remember me, I look forward to making new friends and getting reacquainted with everyone.

Emma hasn't lost her 'puppy' mode.. I'm pretty sure it's here to stay. She's still psychotically hyper and yet so super sweet at the same time.

Happy has reached that age where he just doesn't get an 'eff' anymore. I have to vacuum around him. He's fairly healthy for his age. His teeth are almost all worn down, so he's on canned dog food now and has lost some muscle mass so the vet has said to moisten some dry to mix with his canned to try and put some weight back on him. His back hips bother him a bit so he's on an arthritis medication but the vet is hopeful that if we can get some muscle back on him he won't need that medicine anymore.


He's gotten pretty white.. he used to be a very golden brown!