Back story:

Ruby comes to work with us.
Next door was a white 3 yr fixed male cat in a used furniture store. Ruby and the cat had a relationship through the glass and under the door.

It began to look like the place was going to close as they stopped opening up and only an employee coming around once every other day to
feed the cat and the fish. Story goes that as a barn kitten he tested positive for feline leukemia which is not communicable to dogs but the owner
had other cats at home so snowball was quarantined at the store.
We contacted the owner and adopted the cat the next day. That was just before Christmas.

The two of them did not become fast friends but Ruby hasn't killed snowball yet either.
They sniff each other when the other is sleeping - much the the sleeping animal's surprise.

Each week is better than the last.

If they ever are in the same frame I'll send a pic.