Hello all,

I have lost an amazing friend and am in the beginning stages of looking for a new puppy. Sprig was my 100lbs lab that was a breeding from a national field champion and a show dog. He had a mellow disposition and temperament yet "turned on" when we were in the field and was a fantastic waterfowler. It was this combination of mellow yet good in field that made him an ideal companion for me and my family. His breeder has retired and has not responded to emails so she can't give me any referrals. I am hoping this forum can help me!

I am looking for an english-style lab that has the temperament to be a pet and home companion (primary role) yet still have excellent field instincts as I do like to hunt. I prefer a big (90-100lbs) black male with a little more leg that some english-style labs (maybe at the upper end or touch taller than the conforming standard) but still have the thick coat, blocky head and otter tail. I am in California but can travel anywhere to see and pick up a puppy. My timing is flexible but sometime in 2017 makes the most sense.

I have contacted a couple breeders through google searches but am concerned about using internet search as the primary way of finding a puppy. In fact, I have contacted two breeders that have somewhat shady responses to my questions and now I am very concerned about finding a breeder on the web. Does anyone have any breeders that come to mind when they read what I am looking for?

Thank you in advance,