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    DefaultWhat would you do?

    I've been slowly learning about the breed. I got interested in showing, was clueless on what I was doing. Contacted a breeder, who shows labs, she gave me what she said was her pick male. After getting his hips and elbows evaluated he had dysplasia. Contacted breeder, she replaced him, and gave me another male, not pick, but all she had. He ended up not being show quality. While at a show, I met a breeder. She said stay with her, and she will get me a quality dog to work and show. This was two years ago. She had a litter do, I helped her for 8 wks, raising, cleaning etc, and she gave me pick female. (Bought, not gave). I walked on egg shells with this dog. We swam her, made sure to keep weight off her, didn't want anything to happen to her. She turned two, we did her hips and elbows. Her hips came back Fair. We talked to the vet, and he sees no reason why they couldn't come back good or better. He recommends redoing hips. Breeder said hold off, since fair is still passing. This weekend, I took her to have her eyes, and EIC. We go in and they did eyes, and she has 3 cateracts. I asked the vet, and he said it isn't due to an injury. Recommends we don't breed her. I did her eyes at 8 mos, and showed nothing, I didn't do them last year. My breeder again says, she is coming into season, maybe a virus, let's wait and have them redone. I'm starting to wonder if I will ever have a lab to work with.

    At this point, whAt do I do? This breeder has become a friend. Yet not her fault, I'm upset over this.

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    Bale on this one also (from the breeding perspective). Sorry but there are a lot of different ways besides hips and elbows to wash a lab out. We have so many tests these days... hard to explain to people why we stress all the health checks.
    Curious-- when you went into your purchases, had you done a background check on the lines thru ofa.org?

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    I've had WAY more breeding prospects wash out than not. Even with the best of pedigrees, it's so hard to predict whether an 8 week pup will work out. I finally lucked out and was able to acquire an older pup (11 months) as a breeding and show prospect because her breeder was downsizing. The first thing I did was hip/elbow prelims before getting attached to her and sinking a bunch of money in to showing. Now she's passed her final clearances (OFA excellent/normal) and is being bred this week - BUT it took me many, many years to finally have a dog worth breeding. Anyway, my point is that if you seriously want to start showing and breeding, then you might want to consider getting an older pup/adult so that you have a better idea of exactly what you're getting.


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