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Thread: Curly-tailed lab?

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    DefaultCurly-tailed lab?

    Hello friends! Back in February, we adopted a puppy and the person we adopted from said he was pure-bred lab. He was three months old when we brought him home, so we didn't notice his tail before, but now that he's grown a lot, he has quite a noticeable curve in the tip of his tail. I honestly don't care what he looks like, I think he's absolutely adorable and super unique with his curly tail! I was just curious if anyone else experienced this or had any ideas of what might have caused it. It's funny because it's not a full-on curly tail, just the tip curls, like a hook. It looks so cute when he wags it! I have attached some pics (pardon the messy floor, this was pre-sweep haha).

    IMG_8607.JPG FullSizeRender.jpg

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    No clue as to why he has the curl.

    There is something about the way a Lab lounges that just makes them look soooo comfortable.

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