Good morning.
We lost our 11 year old yellow to cancer this past May. The good news is that we are expecting to adopt a 2 year old black soon. If we do adopt, he weighs about 90 pounds and looks very overweight. He will be active with us and we think that we can get his weight down to an optimal one with some excercise and proper feeding.

The question(s) is; is there a general rule for the protein content%/other content % for a lab's food? Do you feed a certain quantity based upon an "optimal" weight? He will not be a hunting dog so his activity level will be frequent walks/fetching/hiking, etc. And, should we split the quantity so we can feed him once in the morning and once at night?

Our plan is to keep him on his current food for a month or so until he gets acclimated to his new home. Then we will blend in the new food.

I welcome any particular brands or flavor suggestions but realize that that may be dog specific. But, are there any brands to avoid?