Help... We're Getting Another Puppy!!!
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Thread: Help... We're Getting Another Puppy!!!

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    DefaultHelp... We're Getting Another Puppy!!!

    We have a 12mo Labrador that is very social and loves other dogs, and we're on the verge of getting an 8 week Beagle puppy soon. At the moment our Lab still sleeps in her crate, what is the best sleeping arrangements for the two? Should they be in separate crates, or can the pup stay w/ the Lab in her crate? I know puppies do not like to be alone, would sleeping next to their older sister be a good thing or bad? This is our 1st time raising two dogs, and any suggestions on raising them would be gold...

    A lil video of her when she was a pup...

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    Separate crate!

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    separate crates. ABSOLUTELY. completely unfair to the lab to be forced to share a crate with a puppy. crates should be a dog's safe place, their den, their home. And it's potentially dangerous as well.

    remember to practice with the puppy going out and to training classes alone. it's good that they learn to not ALWYAS be glued to the other dog, they must become ether own person and bond to YOU the humans first, and the lab second.

    Also supervise at all times. puppies can be a pain in the butt and a one year old lab can be VERY boisterous and accidentally hurt a small puppy in play. all interactions for the first while should be completely supervised.

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