chocolate Labrador puppy help?
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Thread: chocolate Labrador puppy help?

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    Defaultchocolate Labrador puppy help?

    Good morning!

    We have a beautiful, intelligent 13wk old chocolate Labrador. I have a few concerns about her general health & was hoping someone might be able to assist me?

    We bought her from an interstate breeder & before we received her - we hadn't seen any pictures of her. My questions are:

    1) at 13 weeks - she weighs 7.5kg / 16.5lbs - I can see her ribs, and she feels a little bony & looks a bit small in comparison to other lab puppies I have seen - does this age/weight seem a bit off?

    2) the breeder had her on a puppy food called 'bonnie' - which I think is terrible - I'm just in the process of transitioning to Ivory Coat Puppy food (which is the Australian equivalent to Orijen) - she seems to have very flaky skin, so I am hoping the change will be good for her.

    3) she has two very distinct colours on her coat - ever since the day we got her - her head and her neck area are a completely different colour to the rest of her body - is this normal for chocolate labs? I haven't seen this before - and I am feeling like the breeder may have taken advantage of the fact that we are interstate and hadn't seen her before we got her...? I don't think it's a sun issue - as its a distinct line where the colour changes. I'll try and attach a photograph to this post

    Thanks so much for your help :-)

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    I think the color issue is sun bleaching.

    Don't recognize the foods, so I assume you are in a different country.

    Weight sounds normal.

    But yes, you shouldn't have bought a puppy sight unseen.

    Did the parents have all the necessary health clearances for your country??

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    I suppose the pup could be a brindle / mismark since that seems an odd age for that much shedding, but who knows??? I have no idea what an "interstate breeder" is, nor do I know anything about food brands in Australia.
    A vet visit would be in order if you think the pup is unhealthy.

    WindyCanyon Girls, August 2014

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    Where in Aus do you live?

    Each dog is different in what they weight. If you are worried I would see the vet. I see mine at this age so they get to know each other and have a check up. Vet clinics love puppies.

    They can have different colours on their coat if they have been outside.

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    I think the colour thing could be an issue with the family history which i do not think would be an issue. Gaining weight may take time and especially considering that you got it from a breeder and are currently transitioning with the food. Again like someone has mentioned, different puppies also have different weight. So long as you are giving a proper diet, weight will pick up. supplements can help with preventing flaking and smoothing the skin and also boasting immunity.

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