We have had our new chocolate, Jesse, for 3 weeks now. I can't believe how great he and our 6 yr old black lab, Bailey, play together! I always thought that Bailey needed a little brother. I could get him to play with his babies for a few minutes, but then he wasn't interested. He would have play dates with family and friend's dogs and would have a blast, running all over the yard and wearing himself out. Well, I am SO glad we got Jesse... not just for us, but for Bailey. He plays all the time now. He will pick up a baby or a toy and tease Jesse with it. You can have it... no you can't! hehe. They play tug-of-war but as soon as someone lets go, it is given right back. Bailey is a built-in babysitter, and teacher. We started training Jesse right away to ring the bell when he wants to go outside, and I'm sure that watching Bailey helped. I have no regrets in getting another puppy. Although potty training Jesse was stressful, he seemed to learn pretty quickly. I LOVE it when I hear that bell ring on the back door and he is sitting there so patiently. Anyway... if you have doubts about whether or not to get a little brother or sister for your lab, I say if you can handle the expenses of a second furbaby, go for it! All the more to love!