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Thread: growls and dicipline

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    Defaultgrowls and dicipline

    my extremely jealous 4 year old male. he will steal food from my kids, when i track him down and grab skin on top of his neck to drag him outside he growls and shows teeth. i know he will bite me someday doing this. he will steal kids toys and break them if not getting attension sometimes. do i need to treat him like a puppy and start training all over again? this is him.IMG_0279.jpg

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    Hope you get him sorted out! He looks older - graying in lower muzzle.....?

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    is this a new behavior? Is there anything new in your world that would cause him to behave this way? When was the last time he was at the vet for a checkup?

    In the meantime, I would not let him ever be in a position to take anything from your children. Crate him while they're eating. Is sounds like he needs a lot more exercise. A lot! Tracking him down and grabbing him by the scruff of the neck solves nothing, you must address the behavior when it occurs-- but not in anger. And yes, I would start again with training.
    Dot in Northern Illinois

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    If you hunt him down to correct him, I can imagine you'd get that reaction. He's reacting to your "assaulting" him. While the behavior has to be corrected, unless you CATCH the dog stealing, you cannot correct the behavior. The dog doesn't connect stealing the yummy food from the kid who is lower in the pack than the dog with the correction. The food is gone. Now the dog sees the adult chasing him down and hurting him by grabbing the scruff. No connection to the stealing.

    So training restarts, you may want to go to some classes. And you need to put the dog on a schedule, and include a lot of exercise.

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