Hello everyone!

I have two dogs who are yet to meet... one is a maltese shih tzu who is very territorial over me and is always very nervous meeting new dogs. She is 2 years old and the absolute love of my life. She is currently holidaying at my parents house.

In the meantime, I have a new addition to the family, my 5 month old lab who is just the sweetest girl you've ever met.
She is great around all dogs, however does jump and get very easily excitable when other dogs are around. I've had her around dogs of all sizes and her only problem is that she thinks she is as small as the other dogs and forgets shes almost double their size but have had no real issues.

How have you gone introducing dogs to each other?
I'm not concerned about my lab, I'm more concerned about the maltese!!

Any advice or tips would be so greatly appreciated