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    So, first off thanks for welcoming me and answering my other questions about PAL! My second question is about Teller filling out. I didn't notice until Teller was running around our neighbor's yard this afternoon (we have a backyard pool and don't enjoy the wet dog smell on our new carpet, lol), but he is REALLY awkward looking. I know most lab puppies go through a gangly "awkward" stage around 6-10 months but Teller is 14 months, so my question is: will he look this strange forever? He's got the giant head, skinny body, long legs, and big paws and he's a still a very handsome boy. Right now he weighs 50 lbs and has gained 5 lbs since we got him 3 weeks ago. The vet said he was an "ideal" weight and looked fine and I know a lot of labs are overweight, so skinny labs with a pronounced tuck are relatively novel (especially where I live). But, seeing his ribs and hip bones is just disturbing to me and his back half looks like it is from a greyhound. We love him all the same but I was curious how long your labs awkward phases lasted and how long it took them to fill out and grow into their limbs and heads, lol.
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    My pup is only 5 months old and looks exactly like yours.. very gangly and skinny but the vet said shes healthy and there was nothing to worry about! I'd be interested also in anyone elses opinions Beautiful dog!!

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