Top 5 Wacky Wisdom Panel Mixed Dog Breeds
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Thread: Top 5 Wacky Wisdom Panel Mixed Dog Breeds

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    DefaultTop 5 Wacky Wisdom Panel Mixed Dog Breeds

    Have you ever wondered just what makes your mixed-breed dog so unique, or what breeds makeup your one-of-a kind mutt? Does she have special health or training needs because of her genetic make-up? It’s not like there’s a product that can put together a “Dog Family Tree” for your pooch… is there? We’re ecstatic to say that there is! Wisdom Panel is the industry leader in canine genetic testing and they have launched the next evolution of the canine DNA test, Wisdom Panel® 3.0. This new test gives you access to reliable breed ancestry information that can be extremely helpful when planning for the nutritional needs, training considerations, and overall healthcare of your dog. Not only does this advanced DNA test expand on breed screening coverage (250+ breeds, types and varieties), but it now includes the potentially life-saving MDR1 Genetic Mutation screening.

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    This site has administrators?! I had no idea. How does one get such a sweet gig?

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    This site has a corporation that runs the site. Who advertises in their posts. About mixed breeds on a Lab Board.

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