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    DefaultPoop scooping

    Hi all

    I have a question for you all about picking up poop. I am vision impaired and have a lab called Sunny. He is not my guide dog, just a wonderful companion.

    We have just moved in with my uncle and he has a wonderful fenced yard. Despite the fact that I take Sunny for a walk twice a day, he insists on pooping in our yard. I have up until today been hosing the poop but have been missing pieces so this method is not a good one for me.

    Can anyone suggest an easier way to pick up the poop that will hopefully be easy for me to do with my low vision?

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    This is how it works here. My vision is good for a 53 year old but that said, Ruby eats poop. She thinks it's a delicacy. So I go out without her and use a plastic rake and flat shovel, raking the piles into the shovel then into my container.

    I can never seem to get it all on my own so I let Ruby out to play"Where's the poop!" and she will sniff around and show me where it is. Then I've had to fight her for it sorta. One time she actually backed up and pointed at it to let me have it. (wow)

    Maybe you can train your lab to play "Where's the poop!"
    They're good at that sort of thing and learn stunningly fast what you want.
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    I always pickup and plastic bag my puppy's poop even in our backyard.
    I figured this is the easiest way to eliminate bad odour - our kitchen and nook windows open up to this area.

    My puppy hates soggy grass.
    So I have to create a "sandbox" for her to poop in.
    Turned out it was a really good idea; she had diarrhea after a barn visit recently, and the sand actually help with collection of the poop into the plastic bag.

    The initial challenge was to let her know to only eliminate in one area (inside the sandbox).
    This takes the longest, I think +7 days, of leashing her and leading her to the sandbox every poop and pee.
    She got the point. Although once in a while she still poop outside of the sandbox.

    Hope that helps!


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    What did you do before you moved in with your uncle? How did you find poop then?

    If my vision was not correctable I'd be legally blind. Still, I'm not so bad that I can't see poop. I've often wondered what blind people with a seeing eye dog do about poop. The only thing I can think of is let smell guide you but that sounds hit or miss and potentially messy and dirty for you. I mean, if you can't see it you might end up stepping in it. If I was your uncle I'd do it for you.

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    I have a poop scooper that is spring loaded with two jaws and has a long handle and it works fantastic at picking up poop without bending down. OI carry a plastic bag and drop the goodies in there then off to the trash bin. Works like a charm.

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