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    UnhappyNot sure what to do

    I have a 7-month old lab that has moderate separation anxiety. He does try to break out of his crate, but he does not hurt himself or defacate in the cage. He whines, barks, paws at the crate door - gives up - sleeps - gets back up does it again. He will not eat treats nor play with toys the entire time.

    I work from home except for Tuesdays. Tuesdays I'm out of the house for 9-10hours.

    I really wanted Tuesdays to be enjoyable for him. I took him to day care (he cant go to day camp - with other dogs as he is not neutered). They watch over him in a separate room and play with him 2-3x during the day. At least he was getting attention. When I came and picked him up - he was so scared and anxious. He wouldnt even concentrate on me. It took him about an hour since we got home to stop hiding his tail between his legs. I felt so guilty.

    I reached out to someone on DogVacay to take care of him, since the guy had 3 dogs, 2 acres of land and had great reviews - I immediately booked 4 stays. I decided also to look on Yelp, see if he had any reviews there. Turns out he did - 90% good, but two very concerning. One gentleman had this guy as a dog walker for 4 weeks. Found out through security system and camera - the guy NEVER walked the dog. Not once. Came into the house - wrote a note about how good the dog was - and how the dog did #1...and then left. Another review said he left the dog outside and the dog was run over.

    I'm so frustrated. This guy is licenced and bonded and has such reviews.

    I dont know what to do for my poor dog. I want him to get dog-to-dog interaction and have fun - without it costing me $50/day. Most places wont take him because he isn't neutered.

    Tuesdays are so hard because my commute is about 1.5 hours (mostly train)-so a lot of places wont take the dog at 6:30am - and are far out of my way (meaning I would have to leave even earlier - and drop off even earlier).

    I guess my only option is to have someone just come and walk him during the day - but that isn't enough. He needs constant attention or his separation anxiety will just get worse on the other 6 days.

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    Call the breeder


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