Suggestions for training a 3 yr old lab
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Thread: Suggestions for training a 3 yr old lab

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    DefaultSuggestions for training a 3 yr old lab

    AshleyLivinLife;1962049]I recently got my first dog (at 35 yrs old lol) and she is a 3 yr old purebred brindle lab we were told (waiting on papers, got her from a friend and from all the pictures I looked up on brindle labs she seems to be genuine). We were also told she was walked often, well trained, knew her basic commands, etc. So here is my problem: she doesnt walk well on a collar or harness and pulls ALOT, she IS house broken which is a plus but as far as commands she listens to sit (when she feels like it or knows she will get time out usually) but not much else. To call her to you it usually takes a few times and in a harsh manner. She is pretty hyper (especially compared to our 14 yr old English black lab who is so chill and well mannered). She only seems to listen to commands if a treat is involved and I know that is NO WAY to train a dog by bribing them. She steals food if you are not watching it very closely but is fed regularly. So here is what I need advice on: how do I RE-TRAIN a 3 yr old dog who obviously either wasnt trained properly or not efficiently enough? I am trying to be the main trainer as she is my dog. We walk both dogs everyday and it is a struggle and almost more hassle. Can I get a 3 yr old used to walking on a leash without pulling? How can I get her to settle down some? Honestly I have seen 6 month old pups not as hyper lol. And how can I get her to stop stealing food or begging every time we eat? Any and ALL advice would be appreciated and tried (unless its something that is going to cost us alot of money). One last thing... what is a clicker for exactly? Thanks in advance for any helpas I am a new dog owner and new to this site :-)

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    Honestly just start from scratch as if she were a puppy. I highly recommend classes ASAP.

    She likely needs off leash play time daily not just walks. three years old is still young and walks are not exercise, they are warm ups. she likely needs some off leash running and playing before the walk. You should walk just her while you work on lose leash training.

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    I appreciate your advice and I will definitely work with her more off leash but our problem is is we have no fences. There are only a few houses around but a river fairly close by and dont want her to go down by it. Why dont we have fences when we have dogs? Because its pretty much country here and we just dont have fences anywhere. Our 14 yr old lab is VERY obedient and wont leave the yard AT ALL. But I am not so sure about the new one. So how do I go about off leash/chain playtime? Any suggestion

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