So I'm under the weather so my dear wife assumed the dog "walking" duties today.

We live in the "no kiddin" woods of Colorado and we run Rudy off leash on hiking / game trails where she largely runs around like an idiot within ear shot and stays near us. We can always bring her to us by saying "Skooby Snack!" (Thank God they're wired to eat above all).

Today on the way back to the trailhead Ruby spied a coyote and chased it. and chased it and chased it some more.
She finally turned to my wifes pleading and bribery and left the terrified coyote alone and came back.

I can only presume the coyote had quite a story to tell the others back at the den like John Candy... "pant pant pant gasp.. black lab chased me, black lab chased me!"

Next up, mountain lions and black bears.
Oh but those porcupines, that's just a matter of time.