Any suggestions on where to find an adult Lab from a breeder?
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Thread: Any suggestions on where to find an adult Lab from a breeder?

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    DefaultAny suggestions on where to find an adult Lab from a breeder?

    Hi - I haven't posted in a while but was very active when my guy, Ray, was younger. I have found this forum to be very valuable at times.

    Ray is now 4 and we'd like to get a second dog. We have been actively fostering dogs for the last two years which has been really rewarding. We love taking in dogs and offering them a loving home until they are permanently places. Lately, the giving them up part has been taking its toll on our family and we want one for keeps!

    Not one of the dogs that has come through our home has been as awesome as our dog, Ray. Of course we are biased, but his breeding must have something to do with it. He is a well bred, very stocky, bench (or English) Lab. Black and very big boned. Gorgeous. But most importantly, the sweetest, most mellow, laid back, go with the flow kind of guy. Amazing dog. Loved by all.

    So… I want another one! Yellow, probably male, adult - 1 - 3 years old from a breeder. Our breeder has blacks, and we would prefer Ray be our "one of a kind." So anyone know of breeders who sometimes have adults who need homes? Or just recommendations on breeders you have enjoyed working with who have stocky yellows? We live in Massachusetts.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Many of the regional lab clubs have listings for older dogs. You should check w/ the breeders or clubs in your area.

    WindyCanyon Girls, August 2014

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